Yield Guild Vault ? Sponsorships and Scholarships?

We are back and have exciting news for all of you.

The overall crypto market has been positive since this July as Bitcoin recovers and continues to surge up in prices to reclaim the 60,000 usd level. We have been working on a new product to generate yield for holders and create value within our ecosystem.

We are glad to introduce the BSC Core Yield Guild Sponsorship program for Axie Infinity NFT game to generate yield in a permissionless way.

The Yield Guild Vault will provide Sponsors ,Investor Capitalist Or Whales permissionless access…

Total TAPS exploited : 15.878K on the first attack and 707.47 TAPS on the 2nd attack claiming all the deposited TAPS in the vault from users when they saw the APR is very high. This means the APR on TAPS pool was also affected by the Exploit thus the rewards reflecting on our Dashboard is invalid.

APR on Panther Pool during the exlpoit attack,this Vault is now disabled.

We reckon the Exploiter did this on purpose as they deployed an unverified contract here to target Tapswap MasterChef https://bscscan.com/address/0x7fc576005909b30434171e2f0b46d7565940e948

Hello TapSwap Community. Here’s our Monthly Dripping Update!

This past few weeks this month of May we’ve seen a wild ups and down of the whole cryptocurrency market.We’ve had surprising events unfold , like flashloan attacks across DeFi project and and many challenges.

But our best highlight is getting accepted to the ApeSwap Build program and we’re Joining the ApeSwap Jungle! We’re also waiting for the lasted update from ApeSwap to list TAPS token on their Token List so the TAPS logo is available on ApeSwap Dex.

TapSwap is a Decentralize Exchange that connects to your bank account thru T2P.

TAPSWAP-to-Person ,a Fiat On-Ramp service.

It ‘s like a P2P except it taps TAPSWAP Dex liquidity to get your stable coin .

No more missed trades and lost opportunity due to frequent disputes and delay.

No more KYC. Deposit and Lock in Price .

How it works:
As a Buyer

  1. A user send their fiat cash from their bank account thru T2P .
  2. TAPSWAP receives fiat payment ,confirm and process the user requirement.
  3. Tapswap send the Crypto or stablecoin to user

As a Seller :
1. Send stablecoin(T2P) or BNB (BSCPay)

Option 1
User stake his stablecoin to T2P Smartcontract .

or Option 2
User send BNB to BSCPay Escrow wallet.

2. Seller provide his bank details to BSCPay Escrow Admin

3. BSCPay send fiat Cash to Seller Bank account


TAPSWAP ILO Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

What is an ILO ? An ILO is not an ICO where you don’t get any liquidity when listed on Exchanges.

In ILO ,majority of the liquidity pooled is deposited into the PancakeSwap Pool to provide liquidity for buyers and sellers in the initial stage of the project for efficient slippage.

Contributors of the platform can get TAPS tokens by ILO Smartcontract
Got to this link : https://bscscan.com/address/0x2709947e37cad2e0bad31fa0a16cc9c514dd72ef#writeContract

ILO Allocation and Public Address read more below.

Balance token goes to
TAPSWAP OTC Reserve : 0xC437174D0Cc7EF33ce79D6579a34BE60cA29dD2C//0xE8e3226E3e015033bE439c514F67Daa537CB1D17

ILO thru Metamask interaction is a mechanism by way…

TapSwap is a secure Decentralize Exchange that connects to your bank account .

Welcome to TapSwap Exchange!

A modern AMM based decentralize exchange and yield optimization with more secure smartcontracts.A Dex where you can swap and trade much faster that improves user experience.

TAPSWAP users can stake , farm (LP mining ) with the supported BEP20 assets on Binance Smartchain to optimize yield and at the same time providing liquidity.

TAPSWAP is a crypto savings bank that allow you to earn interests by staking your cryptocurrency or stable coin.Simply deposit your asset supported on our platform and earn TAPS tokens.

TapSwap Exchange

A crypto bank in the internet

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