Yield Guild Vault ? Sponsorships and Scholarships?

We are back and have exciting news for all of you.

The overall crypto market has been positive since this July as Bitcoin recovers and continues to surge up in prices to reclaim the 60,000 usd level. We have been working on a new product to generate yield for holders and create value within our ecosystem.

We are glad to introduce the BSC Core Yield Guild Sponsorship program for Axie Infinity NFT game to generate yield in a permissionless way.

The Yield Guild Vault will provide Sponsors ,Investor Capitalist Or Whales permissionless access to Axie Infinity farming model without ever going into complicated process of setting up Ronin wallets and Scholarship management. Just provide capital and earn passively in this exciting Play-to earn (P2E) model

The Yield Guild initiative will also provide active income to deserving Axie Infinity players who can play and rank up from 1200 to over 2000 MMR.

To participate in this Sponsorship program , you will need a Yield Guild Token (YGT) to claim your share of Yield generated from the BSC Core Guild Vault. 50% of the Farmed SLP will go to the Vault which will be earned only by the YGT token holders and 10% will be used to Buy Back and Burn TAPS tokens!

In the past 2 months we have been experimenting and working in the background and we have been able to assess the SLP Farming status and APR in Axie Infinity and we can say that it is superb and a really good play-to-earn model.

At the Current prices of 0.15 usd per SLP token, the Axie Infinity Farming still provide over 400% Annual projected yield (APY).

With this BSC Core Yield Guild , we can make you get indirect exposure to get yields at an awesome APY provided by Axie Infinity Scholarship program. We can also generate buy back pressure and create value to TAPS tokens.And we can help deserving skilled Axie Infinity players earn a decent income.
It’s a win- win!

BSC Core Guild Vault will be placed on TAPSWAP Yield Aggregator platform which will go live this September 1,2021.

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