T2P: fiat on-ramp

TapSwap is a Decentralize Exchange that connects to your bank account thru T2P.

TAPSWAP-to-Person ,a Fiat On-Ramp service.

It ‘s like a P2P except it taps TAPSWAP Dex liquidity to get your stable coin .

No more missed trades and lost opportunity due to frequent disputes and delay.

No more KYC. Deposit and Lock in Price .

How it works:
As a Buyer

  1. A user send their fiat cash from their bank account thru T2P .

As a Seller :
1. Send stablecoin(T2P) or BNB (BSCPay)

Option 1
User stake his stablecoin to T2P Smartcontract .

or Option 2
User send BNB to BSCPay Escrow wallet.

2. Seller provide his bank details to BSCPay Escrow Admin

3. BSCPay send fiat Cash to Seller Bank account

TapSwap-to-Person (T2P) is an innovation and the solution to the increasing demand to gain access to cryptocurrency and inclusivity but face many challenge due to ff.
1. Inexperienced users
2. KYC requirement — sometimes failed application and age limit
3. Too High price spread and availability of the P2P merchants to process the transaction which causes missed opportunity.
4. Cash In/ Cash out Limit

With Tapswap- to-Person , T2P Agents are always on-line 24–7 to handle you crypto requirement and volume. It will be set up initially with a chat support system and as development moves forward a mobile and desktop apps will be developed .