TAPS Token Reimbursement and post mortem review on exploit incident

Total TAPS exploited : 15.878K on the first attack and 707.47 TAPS on the 2nd attack claiming all the deposited TAPS in the vault from users when they saw the APR is very high. This means the APR on TAPS pool was also affected by the Exploit thus the rewards reflecting on our Dashboard is invalid.

APR on Panther Pool during the exlpoit attack,this Vault is now disabled.

We reckon the Exploiter did this on purpose as they deployed an unverified contract here to target Tapswap MasterChef https://bscscan.com/address/0x7fc576005909b30434171e2f0b46d7565940e948


With regards to this, we will be using the TAPS balance from different program allocation to Reimburse the lost TAPS to our dear affected users.

Those who filled out the form will be able to claim back deposited TAPS token thru assistance from our Team.This will be done one by one and our admin will DM you if it is your turn to claim back TAPS by calling the Emergency withdraw Function. We will perform the Reimbursement activity for 1 week so please be patient.

How to interact on metamask and Masterchef to call emergency function?Follow the steps below.

  1. Instal Metamask and Import your account.
    2. Go to this MasterChefContract and Click Connect.Approve it on your Metamask.It should turn on Green.


3. Now scroll down and find function number 4, the Emergency Withdraw.Input the PID number. For TAPS it is 0.
Input 0 and click write. Approve on your Metamask.

You should be able to remove your deposited TAPS and abandon the invalid rewards.

If you find any difficulty following intructions please contact Admins on telegram


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