Farming Will open in 5 Days from now, see Countdown timer at the details bottom of this article.

Deposit ETH,BTCB, ADA, BSC and TAPS token and their stable coin and BNB pair on
1. FARM and
2. POOL Staking page and receive TAPS token in return!

To allow users you to access the Staking and Farming Pool,there is a deposit fee to support the liquidity and developement of Tapswap Exchange .The Total Value Locked (TVL) is proportional to the assets staked and APY increase or decreases as a function of token price and TVL.

Deposit Fee in FARM allocation

(30% Deposit Fee on Farm for Buyback and Burn,70% For Platform’s Discretionary use)

Breakdown of 4% Deposit Fees:

1.2% Allocated to buyback and Burn TAPS tokens monthly
0.4% Allocated buyback $BSC -the tokens Team Development
1.6% % Allocated for TAPSWAP Development Funds
0.4% Allocated for Audit Fund
0.2% Allocated for Marketing
0.2% Allocated for Promotion

With just few taps you can swap and trade back and forth with low fees. Everything is streamlined for ease of access and many modern wallets integration are supported .

Fee adjustment for every Farm and Staking Pool will be evaluated under the discretion Tapswap Exchange Management.

Deposit Fee in POOL will be mainly allocated to Smart Vaults(Stake TAPS to earn other Crypto) and to Fiat on-ramp pool ,re-staked back in the pool to get more TAPS token for Fiat On-ramp ,Capital Fund for Trading Markets



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