TAPSWAP ILO Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO)

What is an ILO ? An ILO is not an ICO where you don’t get any liquidity when listed on Exchanges.

In ILO ,majority of the liquidity pooled is deposited into the PancakeSwap Pool to provide liquidity for buyers and sellers in the initial stage of the project for efficient slippage.

Contributors of the platform can get TAPS tokens by ILO Smartcontract
Got to this link : https://bscscan.com/address/0x2709947e37cad2e0bad31fa0a16cc9c514dd72ef#writeContract

ILO Allocation and Public Address read more below.

Balance token goes to
TAPSWAP OTC Reserve : 0xC437174D0Cc7EF33ce79D6579a34BE60cA29dD2C//0xE8e3226E3e015033bE439c514F67Daa537CB1D17

ILO thru Metamask interaction is a mechanism by way of ‘payable smartcontracts’ to get your BEP20 tokens automatically once you deposit any amount of BNB at a preset exchange rate.

ILO Supply is 50,000 TAPS tokens Intially and will be increased when oversubscribed.Balance Tokens go to OTC reserved when liquidity is low and slippage is high you can buy thru OTC reserved. 70% goes to liquidity Pool.

1 TAPS token = 0.025 BNB or around 10$ ( @400 usd per BNB )

To particpate in the ILO, Open your desktop or mobile wallet browser with metamask installed and network settings connected to Binance Smartchain.

To interact with the ILO Contract
Got to this link : https://bscscan.com/address/0x2709947e37cad2e0bad31fa0a16cc9c514dd72ef#writeContract

  1. Click Connect first

2. Deposit. Input the number of BNB amount you want to contribute and click Write

3. Click Confirm

4. Now to check if you receive the TAPS token,

Add the Token Contract address in your wallet .

TAPS Contract address : 0x56eab07247e3e6404ac90140F20bba61375d5C3C


Always Verify Contract address

ILO Allocation,Distribution and Public Address for Transaparency. Some Wallets will be subjected to Vesting some will be used to fund Marketing,Audits,Promotion,Partnerships and Market Making

(100K initial minted supply)

1. 20 % ILO Reserve for Liquidity Pool and Smart Faucet

Unavailed Tokens will be burned on May 30.

2. 20 % TAPS OTC 2. BURNED :0x632D008c4Cc90bee36F0ad8E4093C0F970eb194C/ 0x0a383Fe11d79Eb0597e472a9367aE1283A45aDbE
Unavailed Tokens will be burned on May 30.

3. 10% Cross-Farming Pool (Partnership ): BURNED
Unavailed Tokens will be burned on May 30.

4. 10% Ecosystem :0xbDb0D9A246BA85dB8bb888043f70a50A511C0892//0xB23D2D81D10dbE20B9b0bc713858A6410852EEB8

5. 10% Product Development :0x08f99a809339c4369B54aFA221F5060ebD6292A8//0x726E0578895517f8B4C321AFE19bb924917CaF23(Subject to 1 Year Locked Vesting)

6. 10% Marketing Drive: 0xFE4F0209cD251f219df5C43110336b832782042B
7. 5% AUDIT Funds : 0xF7B4E4432abB63d5be7a776D0055812af8DB10Ca

8. 5% TAPS Team Fund: 0x996A5DD5987c4beF7628631bed97C1fe39Dc8C2D//0xE8C2dE4E8DE1FdA3fE32B59B513Eec5c382534D0 (Subject to 1 year Locked Vesting)

9. 4% Bug Bounty Fund: 0xEaf2b695b8c6c4858D301A888867Dc8E45019D2a//0x70f743175493f55F050E8bDDf616b8c3c06764Fd (BURNED)

10. 3% Promotion and Airops : 0x98e79E44c8BC0F615Ea23E680D8bC6903a763bb5

11. 3% MM liquidity : 0x74E3EC5225BA33Bc1Db0733e359e396541A4C35d//0xc42b0d013011ab482822fFaa17fC0A8FbA16EC6a

DYOR on the risk of yield farming and impermanent loss.
DYOR on APR or APY .

Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice,solicitation and not an ico. Use the platform at your own risk.You can earn some,you can lose some.

Thanks for your Contribution to make the First Decentralized Exchange with Fiat On-Ramp Feature to usher the future of Decentralized Finance!

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