TapSwap is a secure Decentralize Exchange that connects to your bank account .

Welcome to TapSwap Exchange!

A modern AMM based decentralize exchange and yield optimization with more secure smartcontracts.A Dex where you can swap and trade much faster that improves user experience.

TAPSWAP users can stake , farm (LP mining ) with the supported BEP20 assets on Binance Smartchain to optimize yield and at the same time providing liquidity.

TAPSWAP is a crypto savings bank that allow you to earn interests by staking your cryptocurrency or stable coin.Simply deposit your asset supported on our platform and earn TAPS tokens.

TAPSWAP offers IDO or Initial Dex Offering to easily integrate and launch your own project through our Launchpad.

DeFi projects can apply for Farming and Single Asset Staking via our Smart Faucet Vault.Simply Provide Liquidity and Token and make your Community members earn more.

Any individual or organization can apply to list their crypto project or fan token or utility token with logo and token address integrated and readily visible on search bar function.This improves your users Dex trading experience without the hassle to add token addresses on wallets for new projects manually.

TAPSWAP offer services that lower barrier to entry into the brave new world of cryptocurrency and blockchain economy by TAPSWAP P2P Fiat On-ramp.

TAPS token is a utility token for exchange listing and to participate on TAPSWAP Launchpad and Smart Faucet.
TAPS tokens can be also uses as a ticket for TAPSWAP Lottery .

Swap and Farm get awesome yields


Initially 0.005 TAPS block emission and maximum 1 TAPS per block over the years.Weekly or Monthly adjustment with 5% maximum increment to block rewards.Token metric is engineered for sustainability that improves shareholder value. Percent increase in supply in succesive years diminish and is countered by the Buyback and Burn Program, Automatic burn Fee on Smart Faucet,Revenue Generated from Fiat-On Ramp Service ,all these improves protocol share holder value.
TAPS utility tokens will play an important role in the Launchpad and listing of new projects.

1. AMM Dex-Swap Aggregator -Trade in a decentralized way from different Dex from a single point website. Less hassle moving from different exchanges and reduce the risk of wrong Trade output issues when using other Aggregators implementatio . Plus No Need of KYCs!
2. DEFI Aggregator- Works like a Crypto bank where you Stake, Farm ( LP Mining) and get interest that beats traditional centralized Banks!
3. LP value tracker- Check your LP value easily
4. Launchpad- Launch your cryptocurrency project and get listed.
5. Smart Faucet. Deposit your TAPS tokens and get daily drops of other Cryptocurrencies. A burn accelerator .

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